The Pinnacle of Rehabilitation Care launches in Fall 2011

The Shepherd Center wanted to reach out to physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and their staffs nationwide with a compelling physician publication. The goals of The Pinnacle of Rehabilitation Care included raising Shepherd’s national profile in order to increase referrals and admissions, but also to spur dialogue and offer a collective avenue to link medical professionals across the country. Soloflight has already helped the Shepherd Center to reach out to another target audience—trauma physicians and neurosurgeons with the companion publication, The Apex of Trauma Care publication with its debut issue launched in Fall 2010.

Always working to add value through relevant content and pertinent design, Soloflight worked with Shepherd Center to consult on topics and graphic direction with a key team of individuals including many physicians to keep on the pulse of the target audiences’ needs and interests.

Soloflight combined the use of bold, scientific graphics with in-depth reporting on scientific and procedural topics. The layout is contemporary and modern, yet with a restraint portraying a sense of authority and scholastic merit.

The publication will be distributed semi-annually.

The Pinnacle of Rehabilitation Care


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