Should You Start A Blog Or Send An E-Newsletter?

We recently launched this blog after years of sending out e-newsletters. Our thinking was that a blog would give the entire staff an opportunity to share their thoughts in real time, as opposed to waiting for the next e-newsletter. 

For this reason, a blog was a good fit for us. But it got me wondering what makes the most sense for our clients, a blog or an e-newsletter? 

A blog is a more casual way to communicate. It’s generally conversational in tone and gives you an opportunity to talk about what’s on your mind. In comparison, an e-newsletter is typically more formal and is usually built around a theme with content that conforms. 

From a technical standpoint, blogs are much easier to to set up. In fact, if you started now, you could have your blog up and running in 10 minutes. E-newsletters, however, are HTML formatted and take longer to produce. As such, blogs are great when you need to get the word out fast. 

When trying to convey your brand’s personality, a blog is the way to go. But when trying to showcase your company’s culture, an e-newsletter is the smart choice. 

Finally, a blog is ideal if you’re trying to engage Generation X (ages 34-44) and/or Generation Y (ages 15-33). These groups make up a quarter of the U.S. population and generally distrust mainstream media and advertising. They appreciate and respond to the openness and informality a blog offers.

In my mind, there’s really no clear winner when it comes to a blog vs. an e-newsletter. Both have their place in the marketing mix. It’s just a matter of selecting the appropriate communication for your audience based on what I’ve outlined above. For a large percentage of our clients, I actually think it’s smart to utilize both as a way of connecting with disparate markets.

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