Creatively Solving Problems: 13 Tips That Work

Facing a marketing dilemma? Worried about making a bad decision? Below you’ll find unconventional, yet effective advice on how to push past mental blocks. So go ahead, give these tips a try.

TIP #2: Think of an object related to your decision. Get it and hold it. Then ask yourself what you want to know and let your thoughts wander. Record what comes to mind.

TIP #3: Be inspired by past success and see how you can achieve it all over again. Write down your previous successes and look for parallels with your current situation.

TIP #4: On an airplane? Take advantage of being away from meetings and phone calls. Put on some headphones and let your mind drift. Jot down your thoughts as they come to you.

TIP #5: Agree to make a decision within an hour. No ifs, ands or buts. In 60 minutes, you’ll need to make an actual movement towards your ultimate goal. When you arrive at a decision, write it down as a means of committing to it.

TIP #7: Use images to help you problem solve. Quickly draw pictures, doodles or symbols while thinking about your dilemma. Then try to decide what they all mean.

TIP #8: Imagine how someone you admire would handle the situation you’re in. Think about sharing your plan with him or her. What would the response be? Take notes and use them as your guide.

TIP #9: Wait at least 3 days to make any decisions after a major life event. You don’t want it affecting your decision-making abilities. Simply write down the ideas you have and come back to them after 72 hours.

TIP #10: Right before bedtime, think about your problem. When you wake, jot down what you recall about your dreams. Later, see what your subconscious might be trying to tell you.

TIP #12: Stand perfectly still. Ask yourself a question about your situation. What did you hear, see or feel? Does it mean anything to you? Write down what you experience.

TIP #13: Give yourself at least 30 minutes of alone time, door shut and cell phone off. Having quiet time can help you realize the solution to your problem. Write down your thoughts as they come and try to make sense of them later.

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