Tips For Effective Pay-For-Click Advertising

As we look at redesigning and reintroducing the Soloflight website, I’ve started to think more about search marketing and how it can drive traffic to our site. I do a good bit of cold calling to promote the agency, but another promotion tool never hurts. Especially since I don’t really enjoy cold calling.

So in my efforts to get more people to our site, I’ve done some research on how to have the most effect pay-per-click advertising. Here are a few things I’ve learned about maximizing effectiveness:

1. Choose relevant keywords.
Don’t pick keywords based on their popularity alone. Make sure the product or service being advertised would interest someone searching for the terms you’ve selected. Be sure to use your product or service names as keywords as well. To capture additional traffic, always include misspellings, typos and plurals.

2. Combine multiple words to create relevant phrases.
Attaching modifier words and locations to keywords is an effective way to increase ROI. In our case, we might run “smart design” or “Design In Atlanta.” Also, use natural language phrases such as “where to go for ___________.” Natural phrases will not likely drive high volumes in clicks, but they are more likely to convert to a sale.

3. Write relevant copy.
Ensure that copy closely ties with the search term. You might even want to consider including the search term in the copy at least once. But don’t deceive when matching content to keywords—that results in more clicks, but not more business. When appropriate, mention offers in the copy as a means to lift response. Another smart strategy is to continually test new copy to see which works better.

4. Link to a relevant page.
Send the searcher to the page that supports the term they just searched. For example, with the term “custom publications,” we’d link the customer to the page about customer publications, not our home page.

Just in case you missed the common theme that tied all these tips together, relevancy is the most important element of pay-per-click advertising. Ignore relevancy and you’ll be frustrated with low click-through rates and an unprofitable campaign.

Renee Solomon | Principal & Chief Creative Officer | Soloflight Design

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