My Advice To Young Designers

Last month, I was a panelist for the Atlanta AIGA’s “Moving On Up” seminar, where seasoned design pros gave advice to young designers who were transitioning from school to their first job. We talked about the importance of setting career goals, what kind of job can meet those career goals, how to transform their portfolios from a student book to a professional book, and how to interview as a professional. I really enjoyed this experience, so when I saw even more advice on a blog I read, I knew I wanted to share them.

Here are some of my favorite tips:

  1. Don’t take constructive criticism personally
  2. Know Paula Scher, Milton Glaser, Paul Rand and friends
  3. Stay up on current events and design news
  4. Don’t use poorly designed fonts from free font sites
  5. Avoid the Comic Sans font
  6. Don’t use too many different fonts in one design
  7. Don’t always rely on your computer, especially for kerning (stepping back and taking a look is always good idea)
  8. Stop using Photoshop filters after your first 6 months
  9. Learn those keyboard shortcuts (you will become the go-to designer)
  10. Save frequently (I can’t count all the times I lost a great design because I forgot to save)
  11. Get more sleep and stop drinking so much Red Bull!

For the full list of tips, click here.

Michelle Ducayet | Creative Director | Soloflight Design

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