Custom Content: Blurring Ads with Editorial: What it might mean for you?

Due to the current economic situation there has been a great deal of discussion related to the blurring between advertiser sections and pure editorial sections within magazines.

While the discussion has mostly focused on what this might mean for the state of credible journalism, those placing ads within these magazines should take the impact on advertisers into account.

If an advertiser places an ad within a special advertising section, readers seem to half-dismiss this content. Yet, you as an advertiser are paying good money for this placement. An alternative to putting your money into this type of advertising would be to turn that customized content related to your business and create your own publication for clients and perspective clients. To be successful though, you must give the reader something more than just a marketing brochure, you have to give them a reason to go back to that publication. Remember your clients are thinking about themselves, not you so add value for them, and they will thank you.

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