Marketing Perspective: Green Value

Going Eco. Emphasizing Green. Conserving Resources. However you define it, sustainability has become a buzzword for companies across the globe. Yet, how much value do these corporate sustainability programs really have? That is just the question that Heather Clancy addressed in her article “McKinsey tackles value of corporate sustainability programs.”

Analyzing The McKinsey Quarterly’s research related to corporate sustainability programs, Clancy noticed the trend that corporate sustainability programs seem to add more value when these programs meld closely with a company’s core values or ideology.

Customers understand continuity. Customers like to know that you are living up to the values that you preach. If those values include a real care for the earth’s resources, then a great way to show them that you are doing this is through promotion of a sustainability program.

This philosophy can be applied to other programs that companies launch not just sustainability programs. Soloflight’s work with L-3 Communications on their redesigned code of ethics put a new emphasis on corporate behavior. Soloflight refined the code of ethics to convey the ideas of momentum and connect that are fundamental to the core beliefs of L-3. To illustrate this, we employed bold graphics and used a line motif that was inspired by global connectivity. The redesigned code of ethics was so successful in informing and motivating new employees. L-3 believed in their code of ethics to the degree that they wanted all employees to have easy access these values by creating versions in 13 different languages.

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