GCHA Launches Refocus Publication

The Georgia Children’s Health Alliance and Georgia Department of Community Health launched their Child Health Report on April 29. Challenging readers to refocus their views on children’s health, the report provides an overview along with specific highlights on key indicators. Areas for improvement in both situation and data collection are emphasized to spur on community engagement. “It’s nothing but a report unless we bring it to life,” says Donna Hyland, President and Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Soloflight Design partnered with the GCHA team and Georgia Department of Community Health to produce the campaign messaging of Refocus and solid framework. Putting a different spin on the data with bright colors, bold call-outs and strong photography gave the report an approachable feel drawing readers to connect with the document.

You can download your own copy of the report at:




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    If you want to learn more about the GCHA and the ReFocus report, here's a short YouTube video that tells the story from many persp... ...

    Comment | August 3, 2010

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